The black cat, Nosey, passed away prematurely on January 30, 2007. She contracted some type of an infection in her digestive track. We thought she was simply getting fat in the tummy area, and the veterinarian was surprised that she was still behaving normally. Nosey was only about 6 1/2 years old.

Tabby, who is about the same age as Nosey, and who has lived her whole life with Nosey, did not seem to notice Nosey's death. What Tabby has noticed is that she has been put on a diet. The veterinarian did confirm that Tabby is generally healthy, but overweight. She does not like having her food rationed!



Tabby has this odd habit of seeking hugs on our shoulders - but always the right shoulder. This has gotten more difficult as she has gotten heavier.

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Tabby has taken up wanting to sit in Ruth's lap at the table. Not always convenient, but cute. And isn't cute the only real entry in a household cat's job description?

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This winter (2006-07), Tabby has been much less inclined to go outside than she was in the past. She used to go outside, seeking refuge under the deck.


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