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The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) maintains a comprehensive web site that includes searchable databases of issued United States patents and federally registered trademarks. The USPTO website also contains much information relating to patents and federal registration of trademarks.

Patents (including images) can be accessed online at the USPTO website  or at the Delphion Intellectual Property Network. Most pending patent applications (still being examined by the Patent Office) are published by the USPTO about 18 months after the application was filed. However, many are kept secret, and not available.

Before you rely on any search of an on-line patent database, please make sure that you understand the limitations of on-line searching. In particular, remember that key word searching usually looks only for that specific word, and may not identify documents that use a synonym or other terminology. Remember that an issued patent or any other document may include topics and information that are not necessarily apparent from the title and abstract alone. Also be aware that once you discover a patent that may cover your product, if you do not take proper steps to avoid infringing that patent, you will increase your potential liability for damages to the patent owner.

For an interesting (and entertaining) look at some unusual items that have been patented, take a look at:

Delphion IPN Gallery of Obscure Patents

You can even locate patents from many countries at the website of the European Patent Office (EPO).  The EPO search capability allows you to search among European patents, patents from the Patent Cooperation Treaty, and the Japanese Patent Office.

The United States Trademark Office makes all federal trademark registrations and applications to register trademarks available on its WebSite. This information can be useful to quickly eliminate from consideration a mark that has previously been registered. However, the absence of a prior registration or registration application should not be taken as an indication that the mark is available to be adopted. The federal registration database does not include marks that are subject to state registration, or subject to "common law" rights. David Arthur and other attorneys who practice in the trademark field have access to more comprehensive databases that include these other trademarks. Also available at the Trademark Office site is information on how to file an application to register your trademark. However, before undertaking your own registration application, you should be sure that you understand the meanings of the various terms used, such as who the "applicant" is, and what "use" and "use in commerce" mean in the context of a federal trademark registration.

The United States Copyright Office maintains a website from which you can obtain publications (called "Circulars") on different aspects of copyright.

Besides the information provided here, general information about patents, trademarks, and copyrights is posted by Martindale-Hubbell, the leading attorney directory in the United States. At their site, you may get some help locating an attorney in your geographic region. The "Ask a Lawyer" section of that site allows individuals to ask questions about the law. 

Other attorney organizations include:
The Orange County Patent Law Association

The American Bar Association
The Orange County (California) Bar Association
The California State Bar
The American Intellectual Property Law Association
The Licensing Executives Society


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The UCI Henry Samueli School of Engineering provides superior education and research in several engineering disciplines.  The UCI Engineering Alumni Society provides a vehicle for alumni of the UCI Henry Samueli School of Engineering to remain in touch with the school and with each other.

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