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Winter Arrives!

We got a nice big snowstorm December 19 - 20 to usher in winter.  We got about 18 inches over about 36 hours.  But, people in the Rochester region know how to deal with it, so apart from some messy traffic on Friday, we now just have piles of snow around.

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For more details, see the Winter 2008 - 09 page.

Poor Tabby got dumped in the snowbank, and had to forge her way back into the house.

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Electrical Engineering

Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC)


Steve is in his third year of studies in Electrical Engineering at Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York. 

Steve is on a full scholarship at Clarkson through the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC).  In July Steve attended Air Force ROTC Summer Training is at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama.

Now, doesn't July in Alabama sound like for the guy who chose to go to school in Potsdam, NY because the temperature in Potsdam stays below freezing for most of the winter?

After graduation from Clarkson, he expects to be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force, and serve at least four years of active duty.

Steve also enjoys keeping our elderly Subaru Outback wagon going amidst the cold and ice of Potsdam.  He is having to pick up his car know-how on his own, since Dad David has none.

Steve and David did get to participate together in a BMW Car Club Ultimate Driving School at the world-famous  Watkins Glen International race track.  We were assigned to different driver groups, so that we could both use the MINI Cooper S (see Steve's Page and David's Page).

For details, click on Steve's Page.



 Emily Has a Real Job!!

Emily is now employed as a Financial Analyst at the Principal Financial Group in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

The Principal administers pension, 401(k), and other financial plans for a number of employers. Therefore, they undertake the number-crunching and record-keeping so that their client employers understand the needs to support their plans. 

How about that - a job in her field (Mathematics).

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In 2007, "Parental Move & Store" went into "move" mode to take most of Emily's worldly possessions to North Carolina. (Those of you with offspring may appreciate that when the children are young, we are "taxi" or "transit" service, but as they go into college and young adulthood, we spend more time moving their possessions into and out of dormitories and apartments, and storing what doesn't fit there.) 

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For more photos of the move, click here.

In May 2007, she graduating Cum Laude


University of Rochester

BS Mathematics

(With Distinction)


BA Classics

For more, check out Emily's page!


David Gets Into High Performance Driving

Steve Participates, too


For a description, see

For Photographs, see

Check out David's Page


David Has a "Winter Car"

Ford Crown Victoria

Police Interceptor!!

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For a Gallery of Ruth's Quilts!


Click on the picture or here for more information.

Winter 2008 - 09 Starts Early!



Cats Continue Being Cute!

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"Furred Friends"


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