Emily Has a Real Job!!

Emily is now employed as a Financial Analyst at the Principal Financial Group in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

The Principal administers pension, 401(k), and other financial plans for a number of employers. Therefore, they undertake the number-crunching and record-keeping so that their client employers understand the needs to support their plans. 

How about that - a job in her field (Mathematics).

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Click photo for larger view.

In 2007, "Parental Move & Store" went into "move" mode to take most of Emily's worldly possessions to North Carolina. (Those of you with offspring may appreciate that when the children are young, we are "taxi" or "transit" service, but as they go into college and young adulthood, we spend more time moving their possessions into and out of dormitories and apartments, and storing what doesn't fit there.) 

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For more photos of the move, click here.

Emily Graduates from University of Rochester

Cum Laude

B.S. Mathematics

B.A. Classics (Latin)

Emily successfully completed her studies at the University of Rochester College of Arts and Sciences. On May 20, 2007 she received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (with Distinction) and a Bachelor of Arts in Classics (i.e., Latin). The entire degree was designated "cum laude."

 Emily Receiving Classics Diploma.jpg (224602 bytes) 

Emily receiving her B.A. in Classics at the ceremony for the Department of Religion and Classics.

Emily Receiving Math Diploma.jpg (221325 bytes)

Emily receiving her B.S. (with Distinction) in Mathematics. ("With Distinction" is a departmental designation.)

Emily with Erin and Melanie inside chapel.jpg (226061 bytes)

Emily and a couple of her friends in graduation regalia.

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She did it!

More Photos


Emily Spent Spring 2006 Semester in England

Emily spent the Spring 2006 Semester studying in Bath, England with Advanced Studies in England, which is affiliated with the University College in Oxford. Click on each photo to see a larger version.

erabathhouselg.jpg (66130 bytes)

Seven students shared a portion of this house. Emily's room was in the peak on the right in the photo. 

 erabathabbeylg.jpg (77568 bytes)

The Famous Bath Abbey

erabathreception.jpg (25269 bytes)

Emily at a welcoming reception for the program.

erastonehengelg.jpg (51573 bytes)  

The students visited Stonehenge.

eraaveburyhuglg.jpg (79793 bytes)

The students also visited Avebury, which is similar in concept and age to Stonehenge, but a town has been built around it, and so you can get more "in touch" with history than you can at Stonehenge (which is now fenced off from the tourists).

eraaustenhouselg.jpg (73498 bytes)

One of her classes was a study of Jane Austen. Here is her house.

erabathromans.jpg (55859 bytes)

As a Classics major, Emily was of course excited by the Roman Baths in Bath.

eraromanruins.jpg (64724 bytes)

And, she made a Spring Break trip to Venice and Rome, and in Rome got to see plenty of Roman ruins!

Read her blog, and view photos (Volume 1, Volume 2). On the photos sites, note that each small picture (thumbnail) is a door to an individual album, each of which has a number of photos. So, you can look at hundreds of photos there!


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This doesn't have anything to do with anything else, but I think my cat's cute, so I'll put up pictures like these.

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