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Some quilts are shown here.

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Ruth served as President of the Webster (NY) Quilt Guild in 2005 - 2006. 

The end of her term featured the biennial Guild Quilt Show on May 13, 2006. The show is held at Webster United Methodist Church. in the Village of Webster, New York.

Here we finally have some photographs of quilts Ruth has made in the past few years.
English Medallion Scaled.jpg (657292 bytes)

English Medallion

Creative Curves Scaled.jpg (575603 bytes)

Crazy Curves

Brown Bag Swap Scaled.jpg (585256 bytes)

Brown Bag Swap (a Guild project)

New York Beauty Scaled.jpg (581015 bytes)

New York Beauty (a Guild "Challenge" project). The members of the Webster Quilt Guild chose Ruth's as the favorite of the Challenge quilts.

Scrap Baby Quilt Scaled.jpg (679312 bytes)

Baby Quilt from scraps. The Webster Guild makes baby quilts from scraps and donates the quilts to a project at Rochester's Asbury Methodist Church to help mothers at shelters.

Fall Leaves Scaled.jpg (502226 bytes)

Fall Leaves

In 2005 Ruth created the background portions for 2 banners for a church in Kenya. The banners adorn church buildings that were built in August 2005 by a group of adult workers from Webster Presbyterian Church. This photo shows one of the banner backgrounds. Another person later applied an appliqué image to the banner background. 

banner2.jpg (57421 bytes)

wildgeese1.jpg (77575 bytes)

Ruth's Wild Geese pattern is adapted from a variation of the popular Flying Geese pattern.  This 31 inch square wall quilt won First Prize in the small quilts (modern construction) category at the Country Fair held at Genesee Country Village in October 2003. 
Wild Geese hangs on our dining room wall alongside Irish Chain, another 31 inch square wall quilt Ruth made.

irishchain1.jpg (87893 bytes)

2wallquilts.jpg (119522 bytes)

On the opposite wall is Ruth's Teapot Quilt.  The teapot and teacup shapes shown on the quilt are taken from teapots and teacups that we have.

teapots.jpg (66762 bytes)

Ruth also designed and made this Queen-sized bed quilt that she calls Hungarian Puzzle.  The design is an adaptation of the Puzzle Quilt design.  Ruth calls it Hungarian Puzzle because the blue patterned fabrics came from Hungary.  David's mother brought them back from one of her numerous travels to various parts of the world.

hpuzzle.jpg (182136 bytes)

hpuzzledetail.jpg (132636 bytes)

This photo shows some detail of one of the blocks of the Hungarian Puzzle quilt.

Here are some earlier quilt works of Ruth's

Click on a picture for an enlarged view.

Quilt - advent.JPG (139982 bytes)

Our advent quilt

Quilt - Christmas.JPG (135940 bytes)

Christmas quilt

Quilt - H&H.JPG (91054 bytes)

Quilt squares made with fabric from Hearts and Hands members.


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