Move to Rochester

The Arthur's expedition to New York began on the morning of Saturday, July 1, 2000 from David's mother's house, where Ruth, Emily, and Steve had spent the past week and a half.  David flew out to California after work the night before the trip began.  So, David, Ruth, Emily, and Steve piled into the van with the rats, Pearl and Aggie, and Bud, the cat.


Day 1:

Huntington Beach to Richfield, Utah

We were in four states today (California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah), more than on any other day on the expedition.  While driving through Baker, CA, the temperature on the world's largest thermometer read 108.

DCP00042(5).jpg (63868 bytes)

The van was this crowded even before we got in.

Day 2:

Richfield, Utah to Golden, Colorado

Though we were unsure about whether the van would make it up the mountain passes without being towed, it made it.  However, we had to stop quite often and go very slowly.  

The scenery ranged from this in Utah:

DCP00044(1).jpg (53912 bytes)

to this in Colorado:

DCP00046(1).jpg (41242 bytes)

Bud didn't seem to mind the winding mountain roads.

DCP00050(20).jpg (41317 bytes)

Day 3:

Golden, Colorado to Omaha, Nebraska

A very uneventful day.  We did find out where Nebraska got its reputation for being a very flat, boring state.  Boy is it true!  However, we did see some trees!!

DCP00051(1).jpg (44642 bytes)

Trees in Nebraska!

DCP00052.jpg (39123 bytes)

And slightly rolling hills.

Day 4:

Omaha, Nebraska to Chicago, Illinois

Once again, Bud walked all by himself into the hotel room.  It was just another uneventful day on the trip until we went to see David's brother and his family for dinner before David left to fly back to Rochester for work the next day.

Emily and Bud.JPG (45732 bytes)

Bud isn't not exactly eager to leave the van, 

Bud walking into room.JPG (37854 bytes)

but perfectly willing to go into the hotel room!

Day 5:

Chicago, Illinois

Ruth, Emily, and Steve (the only ones left) spent the afternoon with Jennifer after she came back from her day camp.  The animals also came along; Bud was not thrilled with the idea of being dragged to yet another place and shoved in the cat box.  The rats didn't seem to notice anything disturbing.

Duo on Wheels.JPG (48459 bytes)

Jennifer and Bud.JPG (47868 bytes)

Steve and Jennifer put on a show on wheels.

You notice which one looks happy!

Jennifer on Scooter.jpg (38226 bytes)

Cousins.jpg (37390 bytes)

Jennifer had fun on Steve's Razor scooter.

The three cousins posing on the front steps.

Day 6:

Chicago, Illinois to Ashtabula, Ohio

A fairly boring day once again, it was hard to tell whether we were in Illinois, Indiana, or Ohio.  In Ashtabula, both of the hotels, Cedars Motel and the Ho Hum Motel, had only 16 rooms.

DCP00061.jpg (58040 bytes)

This is the entire Cedars Motel, where we stayed.

Day 7:

Ashtabula, Ohio to Rochester, New York

WE MADE IT!!  Finally, there is no more driving left to do.  All we have to do is get settled into our apartment and then move into the house in mid-August.  Bud should be happy about that!

DCP00063.jpg (55232 bytes)

Our temporary home, 399 West Squire Drive, Rustic Village.  Our apartment is the four lower windows.  The windows are only about 5 inches above the grass and have a wide ledge, providing perfect spots for Bud to sit and view the outside from the comfort of his own home.

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