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Winter 2008 - 09 arrived with a bang, delivering several inches of snow on November 18, only three days after we got most of the leaves piled up.

But, it really arrived on December 19 - 20 (Friday and Saturday), with a delivery of about 18 inches of snow in 36 hours. Traffic on Friday was a mess, but Rochesterians know what to do with snow, and so things were well cleaned up on Saturday. 

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Snow ever got trapped in the screen of one of the garage windows.

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And drifts in through imperfect door seals (since the garage is uninsulated, imperfect weather seals are relatively unimportant)

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For Californians wondering what Christmas Tree flocking is supposed to evoke, here is what real snow on an evergreen tree looks like:

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Poor Tabby got dumped in the snowbank, and had to forge her way back into the house.

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